Fear of the Number

I’ll be the first to admit, I’m terrible at making friends. It’s not that I’m mean or anything, I can just be quiet at first. (ok I know I’m not rainbows and sunshine all the time). Going into college I knew things were going to be difficult. I started at a tiny college in Minnesota and didn’t make a single friend my whole semester there. When I transferred, I was lucky to have some semblance of friends until I went through sorority recruitment.


Well now my sorority sisters are 90 miles away and family even farther. I’m so lucky I have Patrick and his friends who over the past 3 years have gotten to know me fairly well.


I still have this fear I won’t be able to relate to anyone in law school. I fast tracked undergrad because I didn’t feel like I related to anyone there. I’m only 21 (almost) and law school is a completely different ball game. I don’t have life experience and I don’t want people to take me being 21 as a negative thing.  I want friends that I can talk about ridiculous law stuff with and have them understand. There is still this nagging “what if” lingering I can’t seem to go away.

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