My bittersweet day

Today was an…..average day, I guess. I made the decision my sophomore year of college to graduate as soon as possible (less debt, less time, etc.) and I did. But while I was there I spent a year and a half as a member of Phi Mu Fraternity. I, for the most part, loved my time there. Of course there were sisters I weren’t close to and random little miscommunications about the time something was or what room it was in, but overall I really enjoyed my time in a sorority.

I was more than thrilled to come to law school and start learning what I plan to do for the rest of my life. I didn’t realize how much I missed undergrad until today. This weekend was PHC sorority recruitment. Over the weekend, yeah, I was sad but I remembered how awkward I am talking to people I don’t know, and almost felt like it was a good thing I am an alum now. Today though, today was bid day. Sorority Christmas.


It finally hit me that I’m no longer a collegiate member of an organization that has done so much for me. It makes me truly sad. This bid day looks amazing from everything I’ve seen and heard and I couldn’t help but relive the excitement I had for my own bid day and my only bid day as an active member. A whole group of girls is getting to be a part of a bond I hold so dear to my heart.

Since I’ve left I’ve seen just how much our sisters are there for each other. Maybe it’s because I’m not absorbed into my own crazy busy life, but I love seeing sisters reach out to one another. We show each other that no matter what, every single one of us is important as a person, as a scholar, and as a sister. The unending support I have gotten from my sisters, even now, has been incredible and I don’t know what I would have done without them in some of my worse times. Bid day reminds me that there are now more sisters to rely on each other, more sisters to be there for one another, and more sisters to share in the extraordinary organization.


My own bid day was full of excitement and I cannot imagine what the new girls are feeling. I wish I could be there to share in their excitement, whether it be a bid today and a good grade tomorrow. I didn’t think leaving would be as difficult as it was. Seeing my sisters happy is one of the greatest things in the world. The chapter I was once a part of is still thriving and still holding true to our values.


I know no matter what I’ll always have my sisters there by my side. While today was very bittersweet for me, hopefully I’ll have my own “bid day” tomorrow when I meet alum members here in Ohio. No matter who comes in or out of my life, no one will compare to the group of girls I call my Rho Gamma sisters.



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