Wedding Weekend

This weekend was my first weekend home since I left for law school SIX weeks ago! It was crazy going home, partly because of the seven hour drive and partly because it was my sister’s wedding. Being home was great but it definitely made me realize how glad I am to not have the distraction of my family around while I’m trying to get through school.

The wedding was awesome! Now, my sister and I aren’t the closest but I was really excited to be in her wedding and get to do all the fun maid-of-honor things with her. I’m so happy for my sister and glad she found someone to spend the rest of her life with.


Being home and being there for a wedding meant I got to see my family. I do really miss my family when I’m here and I am always so surprised at how old everyone is. My cousins that I remember being 6 and 7 are now almost 16, other cousins can talk and walk now; it was great to see them but I really do miss being around for all of that on a regular basis.


My family is so awesome about wanting to be there for everything for one another. I couldn’t ask for a better family sometimes, even when they drive me crazy. Being away is difficult and it has its downsides a lot of the time. Being away is difficult and I hope that it will be worth it in the end. I hope that when it comes time to move back home and start my own family, I can have just as great of a relationship with them as I did when I used to be there all the time. But I guess for now, it’s alright to be able to focus on my work load and Patrick.


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