Happy November!

More importantly, Happy Halloweekend! Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday. Maybe it’s the pumpkins or leaves changing or absolutely PERFECT weather but I love it.

Today, full on panic mode started. We got the talk about summer internships and the whole process seems so difficult. I sat in our meeting and thought “but….but I’ve never written a CV or done cold calling for jobs…”. The whole idea of having to work really hard to get a job that I may not even end up with is scary. Plus, I don’t handle rejection overly well so I’m a little nervous that when I do get rejected from a firm (which I know I will at least once) that I’m going to freak out and not know what to do.

In addition to that, the finals crunch is starting too. I don’t feel like I’m behind in anything or there is anything I’m completely lost on. I understand most topics, or at least have the potential to if I study. I’ve never had to actually study for things before and I’ve most definitely never made outlines for tests. The whole concept of having the answers right in front of you but still struggling with an exam confuses me. I managed to do it for 3 midterms so I know what it feels like and how much of a struggle it is, but when I objectively think about it, it seems weird.

I can’t believe I’m this close to finishing my first semester of law school, and NOT failing! (or as of right now, not failing) I feel like I just moved into my apartment and was so nervous to start classes and make friends. In less than a month I get to go home again then I get a break in just over 6 weeks!

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