Far Far Away

The worst part about being so far from home is missing everything that goes on back home. I’m still a frequent reader of a local newspaper that focuses just on the rural part of the county and I see all the things going on at my high school and in the area and I have to say I generally miss being home. 

I’m not a homesick type of person usually. I miss my family sure but it’s not as though I’m completely cut off from them, I do have a phone I can pick up and call them when I want to. Most people say they miss their pets or their bed but honestly, my cat hates me since I left for college 4 years ago and my dog does NOT like to listen to me. Before I left for college, my mom moved in with my now step-dad and I moved all my stuff in too. I’ve been bouncing around between college, home, and my grandma’s house since I left for school so I’ve never really settled in anywhere. 

I do love being home and I’m really excited to be home for Thanksgiving. Even though I’m not homesick, missing certain things really sucks. I wish I could be there to support my friends and family in what they are doing but being in law school and being so far away is what’s best for me. Mostly, I just hope that I’m not missing out on something too big and that my family understands being here is the best thing for me. 

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