State of the legal world

I’ve learned a lot about myself since I started law school. One thing I’ve learned is that giving back is just as important to me as it was when I was young. I will get involved in anything I possibly can to help the community and those who need me. Seeing the legal system from an almost insider’s perspective definitely changes how I see the way things actually go. Going into law school, I expected to be changing the world or doing something good for people. The longer I’m in law school, the more I see how far from reality that is from what most lawyers actually do. Yes, all lawyers advocate for their clients and that is awesome. But at the same time, very few lawyers are able to make an actual impact on the community around them. There are pro bono but beyond that, it’s easy to lose faith in the legal world sometimes. Just like everything else, the legal world is imperfect and sometimes, those imperfections just get overwhelming and discouraging. I hope that as I get closer to the legal world and actual become a lawyer, I’ll be able to find a way to make my impact on the community around me.

3 thoughts on “State of the legal world

  1. When you’re a 2L and 3L you will be able to work in your law school’s clinic as a type of pro bono work. I’ve heard from friends that it’s a great way to give back and get experience at the same time.
    Also, for your 1L summer, consider doing public interest/public service work. Chances are you won’t get paid (most 1Ls won’t get paid for summer work anyways) but it’s a great way to give back to those who need it and get great experience in the legal field. I did it last summer and I’m so glad that I did.
    I also know that a lot of private firms will require that their employees to do community service every year.

    I hope that this makes you feel a little bit better about the legal system! If you ever want to vent, just let me know!

    • We can’t pro bono in the clinic. Its a class that fulfills our externship requirement. I did a public interest internship after 1L year and loved it.

  2. I just joined my Domestic Violence clinic, and while I’m not able to do as many hours as I like, I look forward to the opportunity to help. And remember, while you may not be able to “change the world” every case you take will change someone’s “world” and we are in the unique position to help people in their most troubling times!

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