The best, worst decision I’ve ever made

This is such a trivial thing that could probably be fixed by fixing my own stupidity but it is hands down the best, worst decision I’ve ever made. Patrick and I are late constantly. If we tell our parents we’ll be there for dinner at 6, it will really be 6:30. One thing I cannot stand though, is being late to class. I HATE being late to class and if I’m going to be more than 1 minute late and disrupt the class, I just won’t go.

In an effort to always be on time to class, I set my car clock and watch 10 minutes fast. Works perfectly. I can get in the car and know I have plenty of time to get to campus for my 8:30 when it’s 7:40 (but in reality 7:30). I haven’t been late to class or appointments all semester.

So what’s so bad about this set up, Cassie? I constantly forget that my watch is set fast. It’s fine when I need to be somewhere on time. It sucks when I’m in class and my watch says is 2:20 and class should be over. There is nothing worse than realizing you still have 10 minutes of class.

This happens at least once a week, if not more. The easiest fix would be to change my watch back but I like being on time and can’t do that if I think I’m actually on time. The next easiest fix would be to fix my stupidity with it, but honestly that won’t happen either, at least not in this case. I guess I can deal with 10 more minutes of evidence or crim pro.


If you don’t like a law, too bad

I feel like this should go without saying but apparently I’m wrong. Going into being a lawyer doesn’t mean you get to pick and choose which laws get enforced. It really doesn’t matter if you disagree with a law, you have to deal with it and learn to use it to strengthen or weaken your argument. Sometimes the law you dislike the most is the best one out there to support your argument and being a good lawyer means not ignoring it’s out there just because you don’t agree with it.

Burn Out

I’ve reached the point in the semester where I am officially burned out. I’m not one to burn out easily but this semester has been a challenge in some respects. Now that I’m almost done and have just two days of class and finals left, I can’t wait to be done and get to sleep in and relax. 

I have no motivation to do anything I need to get done; not outlining, my CV, hypos, nothing. I just want to sleep and watch Netflix. It’s been four months of near non-stop work and a break will be so so nice. I just have to push through the next two weeks and I can finally take a break. Hopefully, I can find some motivation. 

A rough few weeks

For whatever reason my inability to focus has completely come back. I’ll sit in class and instead of listen or take notes, I will find absolutely anything else to do. I don’t know if I just don’t care, I have a naive idea I already understand what’s going on or if I’m really just that dumb. Either way, hopefully switching to a spiral instead of my laptop will help.

But, today was actually really well. I think I’m finally starting to feel like I fit in here and that I have the ability to do well in law school. Even though I’m happy and feel good, I have this nagging feeling that it’s the calm before the storm. Finals are coming up and I do not handle stress well at all. I don’t know how I’m going to handle things in the upcoming weeks but for now, I just want to focus on being happy and loving my life.

A whole week down

Well, I’ve managed to survive a week of law school. A whole week. I’m really more impressed with myself than I should be. So far I’ve learned I’m essentially back in high school. Everyone knows everything, you see the same people a hundred times a day, all that fun stuff. My main problem this week isn’t even law school related!

Over the summer Patrick bought us a plant. We planted it in a cute snail pot and took care of it. When we moved here, we brought it and would leave it on his porch. SOMEONE STOLE IT! I’m so sad someone stole our plant, and yes I’m aware how pathetic that is. We looked around for it last night in the neighborhood but couldn’t find it. I want my plant back!!

That’s a bad investment

Well thanks for your opinion.

Going into law school I’m already tired of hearing how “it’s a bad investment” or “a waste of money”. Think what you want, I’m not going into law school blindly: Yes, I’m aware job prospects are lower than they have been in the past. Yes, I’m aware law school is expensive. Yes, I know my first job will not pay six figures.

I understand if concerns were coming from my parents, who will help me cover a very small portion of my living expensive, but it’s from strangers who barely know me and happen to overhear that I’m planning to be a lawyer. Even though law school may not be the same bang for the buck it used to be, why should that stop me from fulfilling my dream.

Before I applied to schools, I had a mini freak out about the sticker price of my education. I already have undergrad debt and now I wanted to add to it? My fiances dad said that of course it costs a lot but in the end, it’s an education. Jobs will come and go, I could get disbarred or have to leave the workforce permanently for some reason but no matter what I will always have that knowledge. Sure I could read and have it too but it takes a very special person to grasp an entire subject and as self confident as I am, I know I couldn’t do that.

So everyone back off my choice to do what makes me happy. I’m sure you’ve had some “bad investment” moments in your life too. I’m not naive to the difficulties I will face when I enter the workforce permanently. I’m going to continue to follow my dreams.

The continuation of “apply here” emails

Never have I signed up for updates from any law school (other than where I’m going) yet I still get a million “apply here!” emails. I appreciate your enthusiasm law schools…really I do, but can we stop?

I assume my information came from LSAC which is fine but I have yet to find a way to opt out of them! Can we just get an “I’ve accepted admissions” button? 

When “I’m going to law school”= “here’s free legal advice”

Please tell me I’m not the only one this happens to. I’d say about 60% of the time someone finds out I’m going to law school, I get asked to give legal advice.

No, just no. Everyone stop.

1. You don’t want my legal advice. I’m not a lawyer and I haven’t even started law classes.

2. Guess what? I don’t have your state law memorized. I just don’t.

I don’t know why people assume I know laws when I haven’t been to law school and now I can’t help but wonder if nurses or doctors, etc. feel the same way when people find out they are going to their respective school. Either way, I’m 20, I’m not a lawyer, and I don’t know this state’s laws. If you need a decent lawyer, I could help but PLEASE stop asking for my “professional legal advice”.