Less than 2 weeks!


I’m ALMOST done with law school!!!!

But I’m a funny lawyer

Patrick dropped this one on me today:

Me: “did you leave the back door open?”

Patrick: “Is that a question or a statement?”

Me: “Obviously a question”

Patrick: “No, you’re a lawyer. That’s a statement. You don’t ask questions you don’t know the answer to.”

And he’s right. I do that to him ALL THE TIME! I know you left the door open because I didn’t and the dogs don’t have thumbs. I know you left the toilet seat up because I never put it up. Yep, I’m questioning you like a lawyer.

Wedding planning

Wedding planning is by far the worst, most fun thing I’ve ever done. I’m so excited for our wedding and love planning the little details. BUT the logistical things can just go away. I am having so much fun figuring out what superheroes to use for table numbers and what design our rehearsal dinner painting will be in. The logistics of where people will sit, who walks up with who, who is dating who for envelop addresses, etc. is killing me and I absolutely despise it. Thankfully, we’re just over 5 months out from the wedding and the logistics will all be taken care of soon enough.

I’ve been published!

This semester I’m a student representative for Wolters Kluwer. I absolutely LOVE my job. I get to meet students, talk about the new Connected Casebooks, and just generally be more involved in my law school community. Through my job, I was able to write a blog post for Aspen Law’s “Becoming a Lawyer” blog. I’m honored to be published and have a chance to share my story and how I view law school with people all over the country. Be sure to check it out!

Sunday secrets

Every week, I read Sunday Secrets from PostSecret. I absolutely love them! This week, a law school student wrote one that was published on the blog.



The email that followed gave me hope that not everyone thinks of lawyers as horrible, awful people looking to make money. I hate people thinking I’m not going to help people because I’m in law school and want to be a lawyer. It’s so nice to see that other people realize the two aren’t mutually exclusive.


Things my professor says

I absolutely adore my criminal law professor. He’s funny and just does not care if he’s being blunt or honest. So throughout the semester, I’ve collected some of the funniest (probably not out of context but whatever) or blunt things he’s said.

1. “X drove down Brown street and recklessly ran into the small baby festival”-recklessness

2. “So where are we….also know as the redneck riviera”

3. “When someone is uncomfortable with a word in the law, they use latin”-discussing sexual crimes and the MPC

4. “You guys are spending too much money and I have too short a fuse to deal with tricks”-exam questions

5. “It easier if you have half a brain to rob a bank with a computer than a shotgun”-robbery

6. “I know alcohol. I may be familiar with Cuervo”-Aiding and abetting

7. “You have a small gang of 5. It’s a new gang”-Aiding and abetting

8. “Mike Tyson used to be the heavyweight champion….and a real sweet guy”-retreat

9. “Neurotic” “Erotic?” “No, neurotic” “Oh. I wondered where you were going with that”-retreat/castle doctrine

10. “A jovial little gathering of snot nosed kids”-Police use of authority/school athletic riots

11. “I’ve met the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ many times. And I never argued with them”-psychosis

These are probably funnier in context but whatever. I still find them hilarious.

Stanley Cup Parade


Today my love of Chicago comes out in full force. The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup and today is the parade and rally! Even though I have to work, I theoretically should be able to see the parade from my office which is awesome. The one downside to everything, the massive number of people coming downtown is severely making my day more difficult.

My mom also works downtown and takes a train from north of the city at 4am. 5:00 this morning she texted me and said they were half way to Chicago and her train was completely full…at FIVE AM! Well I can now confirm there is going to be wayyyyyy too many people downtown today and it should make for an interesting day. If I’m lucky enough to see the parade, I’m glad it’s from my non-crowded, air conditioned office.





The summer of a 0L

So I suppose the life of someone going into law school should be exciting, or at least crazy. Mine…not so much. As excited for law school as I am, I decided this summer was going to be fun. So instead of preparing like crazy for what I ultimately think is something no one is prepared for, I’m living in an apartment with my fiance and commuting (Via train where I am now) into the city to do temp work. I can’t say I’m mad about it, for once I’m relaxing.

So edit: now that I’m not being rushed off the train by a fiance who can’t figure out how to brown hamburger correctly.

My original plan for the summer was to find a temp job in a legal firm which is still a possibility. For now, that isn’t where I am. Other than that, I spend a lot of my time taking care of our apartment, my fiance and learning to do things I think normal people my age can do (think personal finance or taking care of a car).

I make a ridiculous amount of pinterest recipes and crafts. It’s nice to have a kitchen I’m in charge of, and yes it is my kitchen not ours, and to have time to do things like that before I start to worry about classes and exams and papers. While I may be looking forward to going back to school, it is still school.