Legal News

I’m going to skip over the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, not because they aren’t important, but because I don’t know a single person who hasn’t heard of this tragedy. With the constant developments and change in international relations, a simple post in “Legal News” could not effectively capture what has been happening.

-Tennessee passes “fetal assault” law

-Supreme Court to hear Texas abortion case in upcoming term

-German court sentences Holocaust denier

-Judge orders embryos of divorced couple be destroyed

-Texas executes man for starting fire that killed three children

Legal News

This week, it’s all about women:

-Judge dismisses case against Taylor Swift using her own lyrics

-Utah judge orders removal of foster child from lesbian couple

-Drug company sued for birth control mishap

-Kardashians’ lose motion for arbitration in makeup brand action

-Alpha Phi becomes the first sorority to refuse to back controversial campus safety billĀ