That’s a bad investment

Well thanks for your opinion.

Going into law school I’m already tired of hearing how “it’s a bad investment” or “a waste of money”. Think what you want, I’m not going into law school blindly: Yes, I’m aware job prospects are lower than they have been in the past. Yes, I’m aware law school is expensive. Yes, I know my first job will not pay six figures.

I understand if concerns were coming from my parents, who will help me cover a very small portion of my living expensive, but it’s from strangers who barely know me and happen to overhear that I’m planning to be a lawyer. Even though law school may not be the same bang for the buck it used to be, why should that stop me from fulfilling my dream.

Before I applied to schools, I had a mini freak out about the sticker price of my education. I already have undergrad debt and now I wanted to add to it? My fiances dad said that of course it costs a lot but in the end, it’s an education. Jobs will come and go, I could get disbarred or have to leave the workforce permanently for some reason but no matter what I will always have that knowledge. Sure I could read and have it too but it takes a very special person to grasp an entire subject and as self confident as I am, I know I couldn’t do that.

So everyone back off my choice to do what makes me happy. I’m sure you’ve had some “bad investment” moments in your life too. I’m not naive to the difficulties I will face when I enter the workforce permanently. I’m going to continue to follow my dreams.