Lazy girl fitness

I will be the first to admit, I’m lazy. I hate the gym, salads make me sad, and the thought of having to give up chocolate is depressing. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t take little steps to make sure I’m being fit and taking care of myself while I’m in law school. Sometimes, law school is busy and there is just not time to go to the gym or spend time cooking a meal. It’s overwhelming to try to fit those things in so I’ve developed what I call “Lazy Girl Fitness”. ┬áLazy Girl Fitness includes simple ways you can make positive changes in your life and being healthier. It’s definitely not going to help you lose weight or gain muscle or anything like that, but it’s little changes that can help you be healthier overall without much effort. Here’s how I incorporate Lazy Girl Fitness into my life:

1. Park as far away as you can

Our parking lot is HUGE. It’s meant to hold all the commuters so I park all the way at the end of it so I have to walk the longest possible distance. It’s easy in the morning to be motivated to park far and walk far but motivation can be lost throughout the day. If your car is at the end of the parking lot, you have to walk that distance to get back to it whether you want to or not. I do have exceptions to this though: if I’m wearing heels, running late, it’s raining, or I need to make a quick escape to go somewhere right after class. Unless it’s one of those 4 exceptions, I’m walking as far as possible.

2. Know your habits and use them to your advantage

I get bored in class (don’t we all). One of the things I realized when I started bringing coffee to class is that I would absent mindedly drink a whole coffee throughout class and not realize I was doing it. One day, I focused more on what I was doing and figured out when I’m bored, I drink (coffee or water, not alcohol!). I have a stock pile of plastic cups with straws I started filling with water and always make sure I have a full cup ready for each class. Inevitably, it doesn’t matter if it’s 12 ounces or 30, it will be gone at the end of class. If you aren’t a water person, get some Mio or drink packets that are low in sugar.

3. Prep on the weekend

Meals are difficult to make during law school and if you don’t have someone to help on occasion, it sucks even more. I love fruit and will eat it readily if it’s available but there is something about having to cut up fruit or make a lunch or dinner that is draining. When I get home from the grocery store, everything gets prepped immediately. I cut up the fruits and veggies, I put together lunches and leave them in the fridge, I divide up meat, everything. For example, last week we went grocery shopping and came home with a bunch of fruit and meat and salad stuff. I made 4 salads varying in size and pre-measured dressing for them. I baked 2 potatoes to divide up for lunches for the week. I cut up apples and put them in tupperware with peanut butter. I divided up meat into servings for meals. I divided up berries into serving sizes. I haven’t bought lunch all week and it’s been healthy for the most part.

4. Take the stairs

My law school is 4 stories tall, plus a basement. I’ve never been a person to take an elevator one floor but if I’m going from the basement to 2, yep, elevator. Stop that! Taking the stairs is so much quicker and healthier and really doesn’t take much more work. I still use the elevator to go from 1 to 4 or so but otherwise, take the stairs.

5. Walk a lap

I realized how little I walk when I got a new phone. It automatically counts the steps you take when you have your phone on you. It’s a great program. Changing how much you walk is really beneficial to your health. For every class you sit through, talk a lap around your building. I don’t mean go outside and walk around the building literally (I’m not Amelia Bedelia) but walk around the floor you’re on. Walk over to the classmate you need to talk to instead of emailing or yelling across the room. Little walks every hour or so probably don’t impact your health a ton, but it’s better than never doing it, right?

6. Stretch

Every morning when you get up, take 5 minutes and stretch. Do it laying in bed, as long as you won’t fall back asleep. I get up and stretch, maybe throw in a few yoga poses, and go on my merry way. It’s quick, easy, and adds to overall health.