The feel of law school

My original idea for this post was more about how law school feels a lot like high school. But the more I got to thinking about it, I realized that while that may be true, it’s hard to believe I’m really in law school. 

Law school can be just like high school. There are little cliques and drama but there is also a lot of fun hanging out with people. I do think there is a huge difference between high school and law school in terms of gossiping though. Sure, we all know you went out and did XYZ with boy 1 this week and XYZ with someone else next week but once people find out about it, no one really cares. It’s a very “you do you” environment when it comes to non-academic things. That being said, you spend a significant amount of time in one building, with the same people, all semester and it can get tedious and sometimes annoying. I definitely have those few students I just flat out don’t like or find annoying but if you can find a way to have minimal contact outside of academic work, it’s really not that bad. 

I have a hard time thinking I’m really in law school but not in the “gasp, I’m in law school” way. Going to class and learning the way you should in law school is second nature, just like learning in undergrad was. I don’t think about the fact that my civil procedure class is a law class, it’s simply just a class for me. Patrick goes to his classes and I don’t really differential between his undergrad classes and my law schools, we just both go to class, do our homework, meet with professors, etc. While I could absolutely never understand what’s going on in his classes, nor him mine, we both just go about our day. It took me until a few days ago to realize that this is my life now, for better or worse, I’m in law school and even when things get stressful, it’s my job to find a way to deal with that in order to get where I really want to be in life.