My 2014 summer

I’m so excited to announce the release of the Intern Newsletter from my summer with Citizen Advocacy Center. I learned so much this summer and am grateful for the opportunity to meet the other wonderful interns and make an impact on the communities around us.

Intern wrap up

Well, my internship is over. 😦 I’m really sad to be done and not have a structured schedule anymore. 

My internship taught me a lot. I grew as a writer and researcher, I took in lessons from older students, and learned just how ridiculous Illinois government can really be. I was lucky enough to have an internship where there wasn’t a “daily grind” and things were more laid back. I worked on projects about gambling, parking, lobbying, and libraries among many other projects. I never would have had an opportunity to do projects like this or learn about these topics anywhere else. I love that my internship was so diverse I learned a little about a lot and still learned more about me. 

I’m open to the idea of working for a non-profit or even in municipal law; something I never would have thought of before. I now realize that it is my job to be involved in the community and know what is going on with local, state, and federal governments. I’m so grateful for the volunteers and staff here who taught me so much about being a good citizen and being involved in the community. I hope to be able to come back to my internship and volunteer later so I can continue to help them do the good work they do all the time. 

No regret here!

When I initially took my summer job, I got some weird looks. I work for a legal non-profit (not a PD) and it’s not exactly a “traditional” summer placement. A lot of people thought it was a mistake because it isn’t writing motions and going to court. At all. Since I want to be a prosecutor, people got the idea that I would regret my decision to work here instead of at a firm.

I’m glad to say they are all SO wrong! I absolutely love my job. It’s difficult at times but it’s incredibly rewarding. My co-workers are great and it isn’t nearly as high pressure as firms are (or so I hear). I’ve been here a few weeks and already I’ve finished two projects completely and am working on another. People can say what they want, I love my job and it’s giving me a different look at law than most people get. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn all I can and see a different part of law I had never considered before.