3L doubt

There comes a time during 3L year that every single law student I’ve ever met feels the exact same way: burnt out and over law. I sit here and think “can I be a lawyer?” “Do I even want to be a lawyer?” “I’m so sick of law” and wonder if I’m headed in the right direction anymore. Maybe being a lawyer isn’t what I was meant to do and going to law school was a huge waste.

I’m 95% sure that every 3L feels this way at some point during the last year of law school. It’s really difficult to be so close to the end and have this lingering doubt that the past three years actually meant something. Law is exhausting. It’s being nice to your clients, doing endless research, constant learning. Law in general is mentally exhausting. Do I really want to be mentally exhausted all the time?

Having doubts is totally normal. I feel this way off and on all the time. There is no guarantee that I’ll get into being a lawyer and love it. I could hate it. The last three years could have been for nothing. That’s the great part of life. Nothing is guaranteed and everyone is just going along trying to figure it out. I could hate law, I could love law. There is no promise of how I’ll feel tomorrow. For now, what I do know is that I may hate law sometimes, but the satisfaction of solving a problem and helping someone outweighs the struggle it can be sometimes.

Another crazy week

The past few weeks have been crazy. There are so many new things happening in my life and I could not be more excited for what the future holds.

Patrick graduated college a few weeks ago with a degree in Industrial Engineering Technology. Luckily, we live in an area that has great job prospects for his degree so he’s had a few interviews and will hopefully get an offer soon.


I started summer classes a few days after graduation. I only have three classes but the credits will let me graduate in December. So far, I really like my classes though I don’t like that they are really long classes everyday. The dogs are getting smarter and mellowing out a lot. It’s really nice to not be trampled by the dogs every time I come home. We’re looking at apartments and houses to move in August when our lease is up. But, the most exciting thing is…..we’re less than a month away from the wedding!

Meet Lena!

Patrick and I may be completely insane. Someone please check our sanity levels ASAP.

On Friday, we adopted our newest addition! Lena is a 1-ish year old Beagle/Hound mix from Three Sisters Rescue in Cincinnati. She’s a wonderful dog. We’ve had so few problems with her since we got her. She barks occasionally but listens to us really well, doesn’t have accidents in the house, and is learning how our house runs fairly quickly. So, here’s our new baby, Lena! (please ignore my messy car)


The feel of law school

My original idea for this post was more about how law school feels a lot like high school. But the more I got to thinking about it, I realized that while that may be true, it’s hard to believe I’m really in law school. 

Law school can be just like high school. There are little cliques and drama but there is also a lot of fun hanging out with people. I do think there is a huge difference between high school and law school in terms of gossiping though. Sure, we all know you went out and did XYZ with boy 1 this week and XYZ with someone else next week but once people find out about it, no one really cares. It’s a very “you do you” environment when it comes to non-academic things. That being said, you spend a significant amount of time in one building, with the same people, all semester and it can get tedious and sometimes annoying. I definitely have those few students I just flat out don’t like or find annoying but if you can find a way to have minimal contact outside of academic work, it’s really not that bad. 

I have a hard time thinking I’m really in law school but not in the “gasp, I’m in law school” way. Going to class and learning the way you should in law school is second nature, just like learning in undergrad was. I don’t think about the fact that my civil procedure class is a law class, it’s simply just a class for me. Patrick goes to his classes and I don’t really differential between his undergrad classes and my law schools, we just both go to class, do our homework, meet with professors, etc. While I could absolutely never understand what’s going on in his classes, nor him mine, we both just go about our day. It took me until a few days ago to realize that this is my life now, for better or worse, I’m in law school and even when things get stressful, it’s my job to find a way to deal with that in order to get where I really want to be in life.