The summer of a 0L

So I suppose the life of someone going into law school should be exciting, or at least crazy. Mine…not so much. As excited for law school as I am, I decided this summer was going to be fun. So instead of preparing like crazy for what I ultimately think is something no one is prepared for, I’m living in an apartment with my fiance and commuting (Via train where I am now) into the city to do temp work. I can’t say I’m mad about it, for once I’m relaxing.

So edit: now that I’m not being rushed off the train by a fiance who can’t figure out how to brown hamburger correctly.

My original plan for the summer was to find a temp job in a legal firm which is still a possibility. For now, that isn’t where I am. Other than that, I spend a lot of my time taking care of our apartment, my fiance and learning to do things I think normal people my age can do (think personal finance or taking care of a car).

I make a ridiculous amount of pinterest recipes and crafts. It’s nice to have a kitchen I’m in charge of, and yes it is my kitchen not ours, and to have time to do things like that before I start to worry about classes and exams and papers. While I may be looking forward to going back to school, it is still school.