I never thought this would have to be said but based on my week so far, clearly it does. BE ON TIME!

There I said it.

I’ve always been the kind of person that was early to “important” things but chronically late for everything else. Since I started college I realized not every parent barked at their children that “early is on time and on time is late!”. I definitely thought that when I got to law school everyone would more or less have that figured out.

Newsflash: they haven’t

I’m ok with the occasional “I hit traffic” or “I overslept” late. Everyone is guilty of that. But for some reason, chronic lateness is still an issue. I’ve always found lateness to be rude and disruptive and it kills me when the same people are late all the time. You were late yesterday, leave earlier for class today…..

My favorite is the people who walk in late with coffee or breakfast from a restaurant. So clearly you had time to wait for your soy chai non fat latte but you didn’t think being on time to class was important. Seriously???

For me, punctuality in law school takes on a whole different meaning. These aren’t just professors, they are your connections into a field that can be very difficult to break into. You’re spending $20,000+ a year to learn how to be a lawyer. It would be a waste if the only reason you couldn’t get a job is because professors don’t like you. Face it, law school is the professional world on downers. You have more slack than you would in the real world for screwing up. But that does not mean you can take advantage of it and consistently be unprofessional.