R & R

This weekend I took a much needed R & R weekend. I have literally hung out at my apartment all weekend and done whatever I felt like doing. It’s been glorious. So far, I feel like law school is pretty standard, as far as law school can be expected to be. I love property, hate torts, and don’t understand contracts (to be fair, we’ve had two classes so far). I’m starting to get a handle on the reading load and what it takes to actually study material and fill in the gaps that are left after class is over. So much is starting this week though and I’m a little nervous. The first draft of our first writing assignment is due, my very first midterm is Friday, I’m going to an “extracurricular” call-out meeting (is it still called extracurricular?), and I decided this week would be great to do a three day raw food diet. We’ll see how that last one goes… Overall, I absolutely love law school. It’s a challenge but I need a challenge. I still talk to my mom every day and have every day since I left home a few years ago. We’re close and she’s like one of my best friends, don’t judge. Anyway, she seems to think it’s hilarious that I’m doing homework and studying all the time since I don’t think I’ve studied in a long time. I love that law school is all new material, a new language, new concepts that keep me interested and motivated to figure things out.