Ripped to Shreds

If I’ve learned one thing in my 4 months of law school it’s that there is always room for improvement. Professors, faculty, heck even other students love to rip everything you write, and sometimes say, to shreds.

Not that it is entirely a bad thing to have people tear apart how you write or analyze something; it’s actually a really good thing. I recently took my resume to our career services office in preparation of my summer job search. By the time I left, I’m pretty sure there was more red on the paper than there was actual resume. Now normally, I would be really upset that someone didn’t like my writing or resume or really anything but it’s not as though there is the intention to tell you “hey this sucks”.

Everyone, at least as my school, is highly invested in making sure you have the best possible education, opportunity, and resources available. They don’t want to send out poorly prepared lawyers who can’t survive in the real world. I don’t see more red than black on a page as a bad thing anymore but more of constructive criticism meant to teach me how to be successful in my chosen career. Never having anything be perfect can be a little disheartening at times but because it’s done with the right intentions and the people correcting me are willing to help me learn and get better, it’s not so bad having everything ripped to pieces.