Case Struggles

During undergrad, and really high school and grade school, I never felt like I had to try. It just came easy to me. Unfortunately, law school is not that easy so far. I’ve done alright understanding concepts and cases and I have no problem asking questions when I need to but my gosh I do more reading and homework in a week than I used to do in a month!

In property we’ve read two cases that I’ve had the hardest time understanding, I think mostly because they are cases from the 1800’s and language is so different now. Words mean one thing now, but meant something else then. I’m reading Tapscott v. Hobbs and have to look up a million words per page because the context they are in makes no sense.

I’m really glad law school is giving me a challenge and more so that it is a challenge I love so far. I know three years will be really difficult but I’m never bored and thoroughly enjoy what I’m learning. I’m not sure how this time management thing will go having almost all my classes this week but I’ll figure out a way to make this work.