My 2014 summer

I’m so excited to announce the release of the Intern Newsletter from my summer with Citizen Advocacy Center. I learned so much this summer and am grateful for the opportunity to meet the other wonderful interns and make an impact on the communities around us.

No regret here!

When I initially took my summer job, I got some weird looks. I work for a legal non-profit (not a PD) and it’s not exactly a “traditional” summer placement. A lot of people thought it was a mistake because it isn’t writing motions and going to court. At all. Since I want to be a prosecutor, people got the idea that I would regret my decision to work here instead of at a firm.

I’m glad to say they are all SO wrong! I absolutely love my job. It’s difficult at times but it’s incredibly rewarding. My co-workers are great and it isn’t nearly as high pressure as firms are (or so I hear). I’ve been here a few weeks and already I’ve finished two projects completely and am working on another. People can say what they want, I love my job and it’s giving me a different look at law than most people get. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to learn all I can and see a different part of law I had never considered before.

Two week countdown

It really hasn’t hit me that I move 6 hours from home and start law school in two weeks. All my forms are in, books are bought, and move in plans are set but I haven’t had that panic inducing moment of “summer is over”.

Maybe it’s the realization my long distance relationship is over and I’m finally going to live 5 blocks from Patrick that I just don’t think leaving is a big deal. I love my family and hate being away but it’s only 6 weeks. I know law school changes a lot but I think I’m ready for the challenge.

Stanley Cup Parade


Today my love of Chicago comes out in full force. The Chicago Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup and today is the parade and rally! Even though I have to work, I theoretically should be able to see the parade from my office which is awesome. The one downside to everything, the massive number of people coming downtown is severely making my day more difficult.

My mom also works downtown and takes a train from north of the city at 4am. 5:00 this morning she texted me and said they were half way to Chicago and her train was completely full…at FIVE AM! Well I can now confirm there is going to be wayyyyyy too many people downtown today and it should make for an interesting day. If I’m lucky enough to see the parade, I’m glad it’s from my non-crowded, air conditioned office.





The summer of a 0L

So I suppose the life of someone going into law school should be exciting, or at least crazy. Mine…not so much. As excited for law school as I am, I decided this summer was going to be fun. So instead of preparing like crazy for what I ultimately think is something no one is prepared for, I’m living in an apartment with my fiance and commuting (Via train where I am now) into the city to do temp work. I can’t say I’m mad about it, for once I’m relaxing.

So edit: now that I’m not being rushed off the train by a fiance who can’t figure out how to brown hamburger correctly.

My original plan for the summer was to find a temp job in a legal firm which is still a possibility. For now, that isn’t where I am. Other than that, I spend a lot of my time taking care of our apartment, my fiance and learning to do things I think normal people my age can do (think personal finance or taking care of a car).

I make a ridiculous amount of pinterest recipes and crafts. It’s nice to have a kitchen I’m in charge of, and yes it is my kitchen not ours, and to have time to do things like that before I start to worry about classes and exams and papers. While I may be looking forward to going back to school, it is still school.