The 5 minute rule

Law school is EXHAUSTING! Between late nights, lots of homework, and very little time to decompress, it’s really easy to get tired and not want to focus. I have a really hard time focusing in my 75 minute or longer classes especially when they are first thing in the morning or in the early afternoon. Luckily, I’ve come up with the best way to stay focused and still acknowledge that I’m tired.

This is how it works. I look at the clock when I get tired. If it’s not on a number (11:45, 11:30, 12:05, etc.), I don’t leave and tell myself that I can leave at the next 5 minute increment. By the time you look at the clock again, it’s almost always guaranteed to be 11:32 or another random time like that and you have to stay until the next 5 minute increment. If I’m absolutely falling asleep in class or cannot focus, I break the rule and take a short walk around the building.

So far, this has worked wonders for me. It’s easy to focus for 5 minutes at a time. By leaving the option open for me to get up at a 5 minute increment, I look at classes as 5 minutes long instead of 75 minutes. It’s my own belief that professors would rather have you get up quietly and take a short walk than fall asleep in their class. So far, I haven’t had any dissents. I’m really interested to see if this works over the summer when classes are 2+ hours long.

The best, worst decision I’ve ever made

This is such a trivial thing that could probably be fixed by fixing my own stupidity but it is hands down the best, worst decision I’ve ever made. Patrick and I are late constantly. If we tell our parents we’ll be there for dinner at 6, it will really be 6:30. One thing I cannot stand though, is being late to class. I HATE being late to class and if I’m going to be more than 1 minute late and disrupt the class, I just won’t go.

In an effort to always be on time to class, I set my car clock and watch 10 minutes fast. Works perfectly. I can get in the car and know I have plenty of time to get to campus for my 8:30 when it’s 7:40 (but in reality 7:30). I haven’t been late to class or appointments all semester.

So what’s so bad about this set up, Cassie? I constantly forget that my watch is set fast. It’s fine when I need to be somewhere on time. It sucks when I’m in class and my watch says is 2:20 and class should be over. There is nothing worse than realizing you still have 10 minutes of class.

This happens at least once a week, if not more. The easiest fix would be to change my watch back but I like being on time and can’t do that if I think I’m actually on time. The next easiest fix would be to fix my stupidity with it, but honestly that won’t happen either, at least not in this case. I guess I can deal with 10 more minutes of evidence or crim pro.