My Bridal Shower

This past weekend was my bridal shower! I’m officially (un-officially, I guess) getting married in just over three months. I was a little afraid for my bridal shower because I don’t like being the center of attention but it was actually an awesome time. In fact, the whole weekend was just a wedding weekend!


On Friday, we babysat my adorable niece. Ava is about 18 months now and is the cutest little munchkin. It was great to see Patrick actually interact with her and read and play with her. He is still in the “babies are scary” part of his life so the experience of taking care of a kid is good since we’re only a few short years away from having our own. They were adorable together and it was nice to spend time with her.

Saturday was a crazy wedding day. We went flower girl dress shopping and MOG (mother of the groom) dress shopping. I was so excited to see Ava in adorable dresses and figure out which one she’s wearing for the wedding. She obviously looked precious in them all, but this was hands down the winner:


Then we went to my bridal shower. I’m so incredibly grateful to everyone who came to the shower. It’s not often that I get to see my family and I loved having time to spend with them. My sister did an amazing job with my shower, too. Patrick and I are so fortunate to have family that are helping us create a home. We have so much new stuff to furnish our first real home with and I can’t wait to use it all. The first day we were home, we got our bed all set up with new stuff from the shower. It looks so cozy and home-y now.

This past weekend we also got all the final details from our reception hall, including extending our reception! Before we left, we met with the new priest at our church to get and give all the final details for the wedding. We were asked a bunch of questions about our lives and had to get all the details figured out for the wedding. But, it’s finally all taken care of. Patrick and I still have to do the FOCCUS test and send in some paperwork but we should be all set to go for the wedding.

Now that we’re home, we have 2 dogs with kennel cough, my spring break, and a million thank you cards to write out!

Wedding planning

Wedding planning is by far the worst, most fun thing I’ve ever done. I’m so excited for our wedding and love planning the little details. BUT the logistical things can just go away. I am having so much fun figuring out what superheroes to use for table numbers and what design our rehearsal dinner painting will be in. The logistics of where people will sit, who walks up with who, who is dating who for envelop addresses, etc. is killing me and I absolutely despise it. Thankfully, we’re just over 5 months out from the wedding and the logistics will all be taken care of soon enough.

Wedding Weekend

This weekend was my first weekend home since I left for law school SIX weeks ago! It was crazy going home, partly because of the seven hour drive and partly because it was my sister’s wedding. Being home was great but it definitely made me realize how glad I am to not have the distraction of my family around while I’m trying to get through school.

The wedding was awesome! Now, my sister and I aren’t the closest but I was really excited to be in her wedding and get to do all the fun maid-of-honor things with her. I’m so happy for my sister and glad she found someone to spend the rest of her life with.


Being home and being there for a wedding meant I got to see my family. I do really miss my family when I’m here and I am always so surprised at how old everyone is. My cousins that I remember being 6 and 7 are now almost 16, other cousins can talk and walk now; it was great to see them but I really do miss being around for all of that on a regular basis.


My family is so awesome about wanting to be there for everything for one another. I couldn’t ask for a better family sometimes, even when they drive me crazy. Being away is difficult and it has its downsides a lot of the time. Being away is difficult and I hope that it will be worth it in the end. I hope that when it comes time to move back home and start my own family, I can have just as great of a relationship with them as I did when I used to be there all the time. But I guess for now, it’s alright to be able to focus on my work load and Patrick.


My busiest week yet

This week officially marks half way through my first semester of law school!! I can’t believe how fast it has gone by and I can’t imagine how quickly the next three years will go.

This week is also officially my busiest week ever. I have another midterm tomorrow; it’s torts though so I’m not too worried about it. Plus, my sister gets married on Friday, so I’m busy doing the maid-of-honor things I should be doing. Honestly, I’m overwhelmed. Oddly enough, this time it isn’t because of my workload. I’m just overwhelmed with emotions that go along with being half done, going home, and my sister’s wedding. But this, like everything else, will pass.